Puzzle escape rooms

An exciting real life team game!

Today, we escape the ordinary!

Puzzle escape rooms challenges your team to escape from a room full with mysterious riddles and cryptic secrets. Each escape room has an original and own story and is realistically decorated. It is undoubtedly a neck-to-neck race against time to crack all the codes. Only with teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking and good communication can this ultimate challenge be brought to an end!

Why Puzzle? That's why!

Personal service & Customised guidance
Challenging spaces and varied assignments
Drinks after the game in our bar with livestreams to the other teams
Escape & Eat: combine lunch or diner with an escape game
Various additional options of your choice
Meeting room available

Who are we?

At Puzzle escape rooms we create a complete experience. We invest a lot of attention on experiences and personal service. This energy comes from the passion we have for escape games. We design and build the rooms completely with our own hands and try to make each room better than the previous one. During the game you experience the story through the web of riddles that are completely dedicated to the theme. Afterwards, we give each group a lot of attention to overcome everything with a drink in the bar. A complete experience from start to finish!

familie activiteit, groepsactiviteit

Friends & families

Is there something for everyone, young and old alike? The more varied the team, the better their escape! Combine an Escape & Eat formula and everyone can feast before or after the game!


We love students

Just escape all those studies? Relaxation is very important! All students get -10% to -20% off! Are you coming with your student club? Please contact us for a customized price!

Teambuilding, company activity

Company teambuilding

Organize a teambuilding? Puzzle offers several options up to 31 people! A meeting room with or without lunch option. Different Escape & Eat formulas and a aperitif. Request a customized offer!

bachelor, bachelorette, vrijgezellen

Bachelors? Here!

Lock up the bachelor, then escape with everyone and then have lunch or dinner? Ask here for our various beneficial Escape & Eat formulas!  After the game, Puzzle treats the bachelor with a drink!

Our escape rooms

Puzzle escape room3


The third escape room from Puzzle in Gent opens soon! This escape room will be
"something different" and will not be a standard escape room..
You can follow our updates through
Instagram and Facebook!

Puzzle escape room Russian lab

The Russian laboratory

In this story you and your team will be in the shoes of European top spies. In the 1970s, 6 Russian scientists were working on a research at a secret location in Gent. They did not know that they were actually working on a chemical bomb until one scientist suddenly realized it. He contacted Gent...

Escape room Chocolate Factory

The secret chocolate factory

In this story, the Colombian mafia is frantically pursuing you. In 1850 in Bogota, Colombia, two Belgian businessmen had a deal with a Colombian cocoa farmer to import its rarest bean. For a century and a half, with this bean, an extremely addictive chocolate recipe was produced in a small...

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